Our PM

We do our preventive maintenance, or PM's, different. Every unit we inspect and clean has our name on it and we take pride in that. Our trained techs go through your equipment with a fine toothed comb to find current issues and issues that may happen in the near future. They don't just clean your equipment, they inspect it for potential problems. This saves down time and can prevent the need for costly repairs by proactively handling them.


Most of our customers have a PM scheduled four times a year to get the optimum performance from their equipment. We call these QPMs. The biggest benefit of having your PM done quarterly is preventing heavy buildup on condenser coils. That buildup can shorten the life of your unit and make for costly after hours calls that could have been easily avoided. This is an example of what happens when a PM isn't done often enough.

Other PM Options

CRS understands that not everyone is open year round and some don't need a QPM. We can customize a PM to meet your needs. Several of our customers have us perform an annual startup of seasonal equipment to make sure they are running at their best for tourist season and then ask us to shut the equipment down for winter storage. Whatever your needs are, we are confident we have a PM that is right for you.

Types of Equipment We PM

A PM isn't just for your refrigeration units. We cover HVAC units, heaters, ice machines, hot side equipment and more. Be it replacing belts and filters on a rooftop HVAC unit or cleaning the orifices on your fryer burner before a new season at the state fair, CRS will take care of your units.

Our Commitment to Our Work

Regardless of what PM option is right for you, there are some things you can count on. We take pictures of the equipment before and after that are available upon request. Our team will notify you of any issues found and will give you options to remedy the problem. We listen to your needs and do our best to work around you and your team to cause as little disruption to your operations. Let us know when scheduling a PM if you have any special request and we will see what we can do.

Time for a PM?

If you are ready to have your equipment start running at its best, call us to get you scheduled for a PM.

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